Saturday, January 20, 2018

Uh Oh!

Oh dear. It's the return of the kittens. This one is down right psychedelic. It's made from a dress I wore in the late 60's that my mother made. And coincidentally, today is my mother's birthday and if she were still alive, she would be 100.

I made a litter of blue kittens that are going to run over to the Rainbow Scrappy Challenge for a fun frolic.  No, I'm not starting a new quilt. This is classified as a REDO. In the original version, I used a purple polka dot as the background and I ran out of the fabric for the sashing. I used a plain muslin as the best substitute I could find, but it has always bugged me. Plus Molly mentions it every time she uses the quilt for a nap.

Otherwise, I do like the quilt. I especially like all of the kitten ears for the border. As I recall, I was fostering Roy the Horrible Kitten at the time and had not yet met Team Storm (Molly's litter).

Meanwhile, I am continuing to enjoy Bonnie Hunter's Idaho Square Dance. I have finished making the 48 blue log cabin blocks, and so now I'm making a gazillion and five four patches. It gets a bit fussy, but I do enjoy messing with all the different fabrics. I did notice that Bonnie had used an old floral fabric that I still I made sure to include it.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Lots of logs

Here are some of the log cabin blocks for Bonnie Hunter's Idaho Square Dance. I have a large bin of 1.5 inch strips that I have collected since the 1980s. I used to make a lot of log cabins, and so I got in the habit of keeping it full. Then when I was fostering kittens, the strips were a favorite playground. Now that I have a pile of these strips on my sewing table, Molly is having kitten flashbacks and is enjoying burrowing in them.

It's fun to see very old fabrics (remember Concord Multi?) mix with newer fabrics.

 This is Molly as a kitten sleeping in the strip pile.

And here's your "Where's Molly?" challenge.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

New start

Have you ever felt a bit out of sorts and then realized its already Monday or Tuesday and you haven't started a new quilt that week? So here is my cure for the "blues." I'm making Bonnie Hunter's Idaho Square Dance, the quilt featured on the cover of her book Addicted to Scraps. It's a wonderful combination of log cabin and four patch blocks.

In between sewing the log cabin blocks, I'm sewing "fabric debri" catchers. Those are the bits of feathers from making chickens. Or left over oddments that are too small for string quilts. In my house, they are the bits that the cats are constantly knocking from the cutting table to the floor. This means I can pretend I'm cleaning house too.

Sunday, January 14, 2018


Here's the block from yesterday remade with Kaffe fabrics so it will fit better into Jane Stickle's Alternative Universe. And since then, I remembered the quick way to make the three piece triangles (also featured prominently in On Ringo Lake), so this is now an easy block.

I also caught up on the 365 day challenge. When I made the Dear Jane quilt using Kaffe fabrics, I had the same experience of the pattern drastically changing and throwing the block off. For example, in the bottom block, the light in the right most strip looks quite different from the other three strips. And oddly, I don't notice it until I am working with the photograph. But no worries. I expect them to all play well together in the end.

Meanwhile, it's just better to let sleeping ponies lie.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Ringo Lake, RSC and Palette cleanser

Let's start with my version of Bonnie Hunter's Ringo Lake mystery quilt. Because I was making a small version, I didn't want to put it on the diagonal and have it "swamped" by the border. Instead, I made a similar block and set them side by side. This quilt top finished at about 47 inches square. The final link-up is tomorrow so I have been hitting the sewing machine foot pedal pretty hard. If you want to see what others have done, jump here to Bonnie Hunter's final link-up.

Happily, my RSC spools from last year were easy to piece as I pulled the quilt top together. I would hop over to the RSC challenge for 2018 if you want to see more noteworthy contributions.

I did find time to lurk around among my favorite blogs and saw that Gayle at Mangofeet was offering this as a palette cleanser. Ahem. I almost broke my brain on this. When I finished it, I did notice that it finished to the same size as the Dear Jane blocks. I ran to the Alternative Universe Jane Stickle Compendium to see if it was documented there. (This is the compendium of all the blocks Jane Stickle made but didn't put in her famous quilt). The block was there, but Jane Stickle left a note saying that she would never make a block like this because she prefers much simpler blocks.)

I'm thinking I might stick this new block in with my Alternative Jane Universe project anyway.

Except Molly reminded me that I did not use Kaffe fabrics for this block so I will just have to throw the block away and do something else with my time like play with neglected kittens.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Thursday, January 11, 2018

CAT-ch up

As usual, I have plenty of projects going at once. with a slight variation on the leader and ender concept. And here is the progress for the day:

Here are all the blocks I've made so far for Kathryn Kerr's 365 day challenge.

And here is the progress on the Ringo Lake Mystery by Bonnie Hunter. This looks impressive if you think I'm making a 3 by 3 block baby quilt. Instead I'm going for the 5 by 5 block size. I do think I have all the components I need so hopefully there will be no need to go back and make geese and the like.

And no day is complete without adding a couple of chickens to the coop.

Last but not least, I laid out the proposed purple chickens on the design floor. Molly sent her pony to complete the first run through. Her pony is getting quite full of himself and wants a lot of my time and attention. He is also working on an audible meow so he can pass as a cat. As if.